New: nov 03 2012

Simple calculator for RC plane maximum propeller speed.

You can get the fastest classic free LAME encoder on the planet (version 3.98.2) here:

New: oct 15 2011 the classic free LAME encoder upgraded to version 3.99 and still very fast, available here:

For the change log see the LAME website

My test log:
Encode 6 minutes and 30 seconds of WAV to MP3 takes:

lame_enc.dll build with:
Visual Studio 2008 2 minutes en 20 sec (UN-acceptable!)
Visual Studio 2005 1 minutes en 39 sec (Getting better)
Visual Studio 6 59 sec (acceptable)
MinGW32 (free) 40 sec (Not bad at all)
MinGW32 with NASMW 35 sec (Pretty fast for free compilers)
Intel compiler (integrated in VS2005) with NASMW 29 sec (The winner and the one here to download)

If you need a simple but good free Windows front-end for the LAME encoder you can use mine:

Free Delphi's JPEG.PAS with CMYK color decoding supported:

Free HTML to PDF conversion in plain Delphi code (sample included):

Microsoft's free RoboCopy latest version, including sample and help:

Free Anaglyph 3D DirectShow Filter by Andreotti v1.0.


oct 12 2011:
This is a very experimental DirectShow filter for watching 3D movies in AnaGlyph 3D.
If you downloaded a 3D movie but when you play it with your MediaPlayer, you see 2 images next to each other, you need this plugin.

This filter combines the two images to one and turns it into AnaGlyph 3D.
That means that you need a red/blue glasses to watch it in 3D.

If you access the properties of this filter you can turn-off the 3D function if you don't have red/blue glasses.
You can also flip the image vertically if it's upside down.
In Windows Media Player 6.4 you can find it here in the menu: File->Properties->Advanced->AnaGlyph 3D Filter->Properties
In the modern Media Player I have no clue where to find the propertie pages. Maybe someone can point me to it.

When you can't find the properties of this filter you can also edit it's INI file.
You can find it in your Windows directory, named "AnaGlyph3D.ini". Open it with Notepad or whatever. (close the movie first!)

These are the options you can change in the INI file:
0: 3D off, 1: 3D on

0: Base 3D on the left image
1: Base 3D on the right image

0: Base normal on the left image
1: Base normal on the right image

0: No flipping
1: Flip vertical

- Copy the files in the ZIP to a directory of your choice and run "register.bat".
- To uninstall: Run "unregister.bat" and delete the downloaded and extracted files.

- The support of VobSub Subtitler should not be a problem other then the image is upside down.
- Players that don't use DirectShow filters (like VLC) are not supported.
- I don't know how it will behave with codecs like ffdshow because I did not test that, I use separate codec's for DivX and XVid.
But maybe you can tell me. (I also included the codec's I use in the ZIP file).

- No support (yet) for 3D with the images on top instead of next to each other.
- No support (yet) for other glasses then red/blue.
- No support (yet) for video's that need stretching.
- Performance. There's a lot to calculate when creating Anaglyph 3D, so HD movies are not supported unless you have a very fast PC (or faster the mine).
A fast Video card won't help but a fast CPU does. And there is no support for MMX CPU instructions also (yet).

Technical (My playground):
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional (NL) SP3
- Dell OptiPlex GX620
- Intel Pentium 4 630, 3000 MHz
- 2048 MB (DDR2-533 DDR2 SDRAM)
- Video: ASUS EAH4650 series (1024 MB)
- Codecs: DivX v6.5.0.44, Koepi's XVid v?, VobSub VSFilter.dll v1.0.1.3

This filter is experimental, installation is at your own risc.
I am not responsable for any damage to your PC or Windows installation.
But, hopefully this filter is as usefull to you as it is for me.


Sony Tablet S - AppInventor USB driver (works also for Yarvik TAB211)
Download USB driver:

Automated installer:
Download USB driver: Sony Tablet ADB Driver Automated